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Thank you for your support! Below is a correction I wanted to provide to readers for when they get to my chapter.

Page 194, top of page:

This was my real-life eye opener that white women truly are the backbone of white patriarchy, further confirmed when 52% of white women voted for Trump in 2016.

The event that this sentence is referring to actually happened after Trump was elected. Therefore, “further confirmed” should not have been used.


This was my first-hand look as a professional at how white women truly are the backbone of white patriarchy. Though, they had already proven that over and over again, like when 52% of them voted for Trump in 2016.

*The corrected version will be in future prints of The Table: Stories from Black Women in Student Affairs.

Ashley Young-Waters

Being creative and having a passion for multimedia since a pre-teen, Ashley never thought that she would work in the higher education field. After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh-Bradford in 2015 with her BA in broadcast communications, Ashley traveled to Mumbai, India for a film and media internship/service-learning project. After her international adventure, Ashley returned back to her hometown of Philadelphia. Within a month of being back, Ashley found herself unenthused by the idea of staying in Philly so she got on a one-way flight to Melbourne, Florida where she had a 9-month retail management stint before accepting a job offer as the digital media coordinator at the her alma mater. Ashley’s experiences during her tenure as the digital media coordinator at Pitt-Bradford, along with conversations that she had with her friend and mentor Sierra Hairston (co-founder and contributing author of The Table), are driving forces behind this book’s inception.

Ashley no longer works in higher education. She resides in San Diego, California with her husband Jason and cat Jarvis.

Connect with Ashley on LinkedIn.

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