Jillian Sturdivant

Jillian L. Sturdivant was born in Gadsden, Alabama and raised in Danville, Virginia. She earned a Bachelor of Science in History and Social Science with minors in Political Science and International Studies from Radford University.  In addition, she earned a master’s degree in Community Counseling (Mental Health) at Radford University.  Currently, she serves as Assistant Director for Residence Life at the University of Central Florida. One of her professional interests is understanding how social identities affect mental health and how it plays a role in higher education.  

She has worked in residence life for 12 years at several institutions including Radford University, Clemson University, and Purdue University.  Through her experience in navigating higher education, she strives to create an environment of inclusivity for people of color in the field.  In addition, facilitating dialogues/workshops centered around social justice and creating policies that include the intersectionality of social identities.

Jillian continues to strive to educate and uplift future generations that will be the catalyst of change in our society.  

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