Sienna Abdulahad

Sienna Abdulahad is a higher education professional with a decade of experience in online, experiential, social media and print marketing. She earned her B.S. in Marketing and Management from Siena College and an M.A.Ed. in Higher Education and Student Affairs from Virginia Tech. In 2018, she began serving as the Associate Director for Multicultural Affairs at Tulane University. She has experience working in multicultural programs and services, student activities, inclusion and diversity, and academic advising.

Sienna has always been committed to excellence when working with and for students. Throughout her time in the profession, she has proposed initiatives that challenge the status quo and counter the dominant narratives in our society. As a mother of two brilliant Black sons and the wife of a college professor, she has always been particularly concerned with the success of young, gifted, and melinated students who are historically and currently marginalized from kindergarten through higher education. She works daily to address their concerns, and identify opportunities that position them to thrive.

When she is not at work, Sienna prefers to spend time with her family and friends hiking, traveling, and reading. She is also a member of an NPHC sorority. Sienna plans to pursue a doctoral degree in the coming years and become an active contributor to the body of research on the success of underrepresented students in higher education.

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